Each of us at Holiday Architects is hugely passionate and knowledgeable about the countries we work with, so much so that if we tried to put them all into one website we’d come to blows over the order they appeared in, the amount of coverage they got, the colours they used, and a host of other things – you get the picture! So the only way to resolve this is for each of us to have an entire website dedicated just to our country. Below is a quick line on each country we offer, along with the website address, whilst via the menu in the top-left, you can access a page with a short paragraph and some suggested itineraries for each country. After a bit of browsing you can contact the dedicated and devoted team member for that country to develop your holiday plans further.

South Africa – incredible Cape Town, the stunning Winelands, exciting safaris, and iconic drives, South Africa is a remarkable country. Click here to be taken to our dedicated South Africa website. 

Oman – a gorgeous slice of traditional Arabia preserved in a way that none of her neighbours have managed, Oman is superb combination of relaxation and culture. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Oman website.

Burma – emerging from decades of isolation, this is a fascinating country to visit, rich in temples, verdant landscapes and ancient culture. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Burma website.

India – vast, varied, intense and packed with unforgettable experiences, India is a country that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Click here to be taken to our dedicated India website.

Costa Rica – from the mangrove swamps and cloud forests teeming with wildlife, to the gorgeous beaches, Costa Rica is fast gaining a reputation as a must-see country. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Costa Rica website.

Canada – with untouched landscapes, wildlife and vibrant, quirky cities, Canada has something for everyone and is a welcome addition to our portfolio. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Canada website.

Vietnam – amongst the most popular Asian countries to visit, and with good reason. The scenery is incredible, the cities intoxicating, and the history is never far from the surface. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Vietnam website.

Sri Lanka – compact but offering everything from Buddhist temples, to historic forts and lush tea plantations, Sri Lanka is also fringed with lovely beaches, giving you the idea combination of sightseeing and relaxation. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Sri Lanka website.

Peru – legendary Machu Picchu is the cornerstone of any visit to this diverse and beautiful country, which offers rainforests, local culture and colonial history alongside its mystical Inca remains. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Peru website.

Morocco – there’s nowhere as close the the UK that is as different, exotic and beguiling as Morocco, with its medieval walled cities, desert landscapes and snow-capped mountains. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Morocco website.

Cambodia – Angkor Wat is deservedly the focus of any visit to Cambodia, but there is so much more besides from the warm and funny people you’ll meet to the Khmer history. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Cambodia website.

New Zealand – Aotearoa. The Land of the Long White Cloud. However you refer to it, this beautiful island nation tucked away in the South Pacific is a country that never fails to enthral. Click here to be taken to our New Zealand Website.

The Galapagos Islands – a place of huge ecological importance, but also inspiring beauty and remote peace. Somewhere everyone should try to get to once in their lives. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Galapagos website.

Namibia – an incredibly rewarding country to visit, where desert roads link soaring sand dunes to waterholes teeming with game, remote shipwrecks and isolated local tribes. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Namibia website.

Laos – a country that offers so much more than most people expect. You can enjoy the languid lifestyle and gorgeous temples of Luang Prabang, try to solve the riddle of the Plain of Jars, or spend time on the rivers which criss-cross the country. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Laos website.

Jordan – famous for legendary Petra, this compact country also boasts world-beating Roman ruins, Crusader castles, desert scenery and the most hospitable and friendly people. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Jordan website.

Malaysia – With a multicultural society, mile upon mile of primary jungle and an array of delicious cuisines, Malaysia is an extremely exotic, colourful country that is a real surprise to the first time visitor (and even those returning!). Click here to be taken to our dedicated Malaysia website.

Borneo – Situated between Malaysia and the northern islands of Indonesia lies one of the most magnificent places on earth; an eden called Borneo. Spanning an area that is almost 745,000 hectares in size and straddling the equator Borneo is the third largest island in the world. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Borneo website.

Zimbabwe  after a testing period, stability has returned to Zimbabwe, and with it the chance to explore places like Hwange and Mana Pools National Parks, traditionally regarded as the jewels in Africa’s safari crown. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Zimbabwe website.

Zambia – for real aficionados, the premier safari destination in Africa, and home of the walking safari. Victoria Falls is the cherry on top! Click here to be taken to our dedicated Zambia website.

Botswana – perhaps the first place most people picture when thinking about safaris. The unique, complex and stunning wetlands of the Okavango Delta are home to a huge array of wildlife, and further afield lie equally incredible safari experiences. Click here to be taken to our dedicated Botswana website.

Ecuador – a little gem of a country, packed with colonial cities, biodiverse rainforests and awe-inspiring landscapes. Also the jumping-off point for the incredible Galapagos Islands. Click here to be take to our dedicated Ecuador website.

Coming Soon – Tanzania and Chile will be added to our portfolio of destinations before Christmas, just in time to make those New Year holiday plans. We also will be launching our USA programme in 2019 – starting with the West Coast and California.

Contact us – Please do get in touch to discuss your holiday plans: we thoroughly enjoy chatting about our favourite places and helping people put together the perfect trip! You can contact us via the Quick Quote form on each website, or by phone on 01242 253 073 or by email at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Pauline Boughen · January 30, 2015

    Andrew, really pleased you won the wanderlust competition. We have had 2 fabulous holiday’s with you. We are off to Canada this year but have to say we would have booked with you if it was one of your destinations! But I’m hoping for Namibia or Burma next year so will be in touch x well done x


  2. Wendy Rushton · March 13, 2016

    Delighted to hear you won the Wanderlust competition. We loved our holiday in Oman and can’t wait to go to Namibia! Congratulations!
    Wendy and Peter,
    North Yorkshire.


  3. Barb Bell · October 7

    Do you organize trips to Poland?


    • peteholiday · October 10

      Hi Barb,

      We don’t actually service trips to Poland – one day perhaps – but we wish you all the best on your Poland adventure.

      Team HA


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