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You Raise Me Up: 9 of the World’s Best Mountains

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Introducing: The International Mountain Awards

Things may have gotten a bit complicated again with travel recently, but we’re here to raise you up with the awards you never knew you needed. So, if you’re looking for summit to read this International Mountain Day… (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves)… Look no further.

From elusive peaks through to iconic ones just waiting to be explored, our wonderful world is bursting to the brim with ranges.


1. The Award for the most Elusive Mountain goes to…

Mount Fuji Japan

  • Mount Fuji, Japan

If ever a mountain was to be labelled ‘shy’, it’s Japan’s iconic, cone-shaped Mount Fuji. Keep an eye on the weather when planning your visit, but don’t hedge your bets too much. Even on a sunny day, Mount Fuji has been known to sneak behind cloud or the summer haze that rises off the lakes, often leaving visitors wanting more. There are some public webcams available though, so you can check just how elusive the mountain is feeling before making your day trip to catch a glimpse of this iconic Japanese symbol.

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2. The Award for the most Lively Mountain goes to…

Arenal volcano Costa Rica

  • Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Although it’s currently snoozing, Arenal volcano is Costa Rica’s most active mountain. Up until 2010 it was erupting daily offering up an impressive show of bright red lava bubbling over the side of its cone-like crater. Despite being dormant though, Arenal is still Costa Rica’s adventure capital, with countless activities, stunning hiking trails and many natural hot springs to rest your weary adventure limbs in (it has its lively resident to thank for that!)

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3. The Award for the Most Remarkable Mountain goes to…

The Remarkables - New Zealand

  • The Remarkables, New Zealand

Towering over the lakeside city of Queenstown in New Zealand, these remarkable mountains really do live up to their name. Regardless if you venture up them, they will provide a beautiful backdrop to your time in this part of the country. If you do choose to take a closer look, from the south-side of the mountains you’ll be treated to a staggering view of Queenstown. If you’re visiting New Zealand during the winter, and are a fan of the powdery white stuff, this mountain range is one of the best spots for skiing in the region.

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4. The Award for the Most Adventurous Mountain goes to…

Torres Del Paine, Chile

  • Torres Del Paine – Chile / Argentina – Andes mountain

Wrap up warm when you visit Torres Del Paine, that place is Chile… (We’re not even sorry). The three impressive and towering granite peaks of Torres Del Paine alone are worth a visit to Chile’s most famous national park. But, a hike around this stunning display of natural beauty will see you uncovering lakes the colour of spearmint,

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5. The Award for the Most Challenging Mountain goes to…

Kilimanjaro Tanzania

  • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

If challenging yourself is top of your travel wish list for 2022, climbing to the top of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro could be the mountain adventure for you. Frequently considered to be one of the greatest outdoor challenges on the planet, conquering Kilimanjaro could be the perfect excursion  if you’re really looking to test yourself (and enjoy the experience of a lifetime of course!) A climb up to the ‘Roof of Africa’ will see you making your way up to 5,895 meters above sea level, take 6 to 8 gruelling days and a fair level of fitness. It’s said that only between 45 and 65% of people who take on the challenge actually make it to the top. But we’re certain that watching the sunrise over the horizon at the summit will be worth every step. Do you fancy your chances?

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6. The Award for the Most Iconic Mountain goes to…

El Capitan - Yosemite California

  • El Capitan, Yosemite

The iconic, domineering granite wall of El Capitan is without doubt one of Yosemite’s most recognisable landmarks. There’s something truly magical about the light in Yosemite, it wraps around the vertical cliff faces of El Capitan and the Half Dome and is particularly beautiful early in the day when the morning mist gently coats the lush valley in a blue haze. If you really want to explore everything this staggering national park has on offer (including countless imposing mountains, wildflower meadows and plummeting waterfalls), we recommend staying for around three days, there’s just so much to see.

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7. The Award for the most Bucket-List Ticking Mountain goes to…

Rocky Mountaineer Canada

  • The Rockies, Canada

A visit to the Canadian Rockies will treat you to awe-inspiring mountain valleys, endless icefields, flowing rivers, snow-capped peaks, pristine glaciers and boundless nature. Plus, this mountain range is home to the Rocky Mountaineer, a train ride that makes it on to almost every travel-lovers bucket list as something to experience at least once in a lifetime.

Ride the rails of the Rocky Mountaineer


8.The Award for the Most Wonder-Full Mountain goes to…

Machu Picchu Peru

  • Andes Mountains, Peru – Machu Picchu

The lush, forested peaks of the Andes Mountains were hiding a fairly spectacular secret for quite some time. The ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu, now one of the seven wonders of the world (quite rightly), wasn’t rediscovered until 1911. Few mountains are home to an archaeological masterpiece quite like this. You can explore this Andes gem either under the steam of your own two feet, taking on the famous Inca trail, or you can opt for the more relaxed route and take the train up! Either way, this mountain’s secret empire is ready to wow.

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9. The Award for the Best Sandy Mountain goes to…

Namibia Dune 45

  • Dune 45, Namibia

We’re clutching at straws a little here we realise, but the impressive sand dunes of Namibia’s Namib Desert couldn’t not feature on our best mountainous roundup. The elegant curves, glowing colours and monstrous peaks of what some claim to be the world’s largest sand dunes contrast almost perfectly with the almost other-worldly ‘vleis’ that lurk in their shadows. Get there early to hike up the sandy peak before the crowds arrive. Seeing the sun gradually cast its golden glow over the vast plains of Sossusvlei is an experience not to be missed.

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