Cooking lesson with celebrity chef Duc

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Meet Celebrity Chef “Duc” – proprietor and inspiration behind The Mango Rooms, Mango Mango & Mai Fish. Simply stated, Duc is the most amazing chef, who creates eclectic and innovative flavours reflecting his global culinary journey. Born in Saigon in 1968, Duc’s life has taken him the long way around the world — Texas, Latin America, Japan, New Zealand, Europe & Australia. Years later, armed with learned skills and dedication, Duc returned to Vietnam to open The Mango Rooms in Hoi An in 2004.

You begin by meeting Duc at the morning market to select the of the ingredients that will be used in the lesson. The fish section (not for the faint hearted, as the smell can overwhelm!) is a hive of activity and it’s fascinating to see the range of seafood on offer. After the market its a stroll through the ancient streets of Hoi An to ‘Mango Mango Restaurant‘, where the hands-on cooking class takes place. Duc is particularly enthusiastic about his seasonings and, invariably, one of two of his signature dishes will feature; tuna rolls double layered with nori and rice paper sheets, served crispy and topped with yogurt, passion fruit, and mint; large prawns battered Japanese/Vietnamese-style, tossed in with onion, green pepper, garlic, and butter; blue fin tuna steak seasoned in garlic, onion, ginger, basil, sesame seeds, pan seared and served with mango salsa.

Duc is always mindful of Western tastes and knows what is available in British supermarkets. He very deliberately uses ingredients that can be easily found in your local Waitrose or, if not, have viable UK alternatives. Following the class sit down to enjoy your creations! This is not just a cookery class. It is also about getting to know the charismatic and energetic Duc, his family and his life story.

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