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There are not a great many people in Damaraland given the vast area covered, but some of the villages close to camps have become involved in joint projects, whereby the community benefits from responsible tourism activities and guests are privy to a taster of local life.

Perhaps the best example is at Damaraland Camp, jointly run by Wilderness Safaris and the local community within the Torra Conservancy, which represents an eclectic mixture of some of Namibia’s indigenous peoples. Members of the community account for a large proportion of the camp staff and the village is often visited as part of a longer nature drive. Stops are made at the school and a local farm homestead, which helps to feed the camp each day! A similar project is in operation at Doro Nawas, where the local Damara/Nama people are intimately involved with operations. Here, educational activities are on offer that detail the unique language, culture and history of the community.

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