Twyfelfontein Rock Art

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The smattering of boulders in Twyfelftontein, relatively innocuous at first sight (given the endless drama of Damaraland’s landscapes), hide a treasure trove of historical interest. There are hundreds of ancient rock paintings and engravings depicting the near prehistoric lives and struggles of the San people, including hunting scenes, animal representations and rudimentary maps and symbols.

The site was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2007 and there is now a visitors’ centre which blends in pleasingly with the earthy colours of the environment. Paths have been carved out for independent exploration, with viewing platforms to afford better views of some of the more inaccessible works. Self-drivers can visit and explore under their own steam, a guide can be booked at the visitors centre or we can arrange a guided tour from your lodge. Whichever method appeals most, we would definitely recommend you visit the site if you are staying in the area or passing through.

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