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Although Namibia’s Himba people are nomadic, for much of the year a community spends time in the Palmfontein area of Damaraland, close enough to Grootberg Lodge to make cultural visits viable. This is a unique opportunity to meet the Himba in a relatively accessible area and from a comfortable base, as many Himba excursions further north-west involve flying into very remote destinations or participating in rustic camping itineraries.

The nature of the visit is not set in stone, but you are most likely to interact with the women and children of the settlement, learning how they achieve their distinct, decorative appearance and perhaps taking the opportunity to purchase some unique trinkets. You’ll also see their simple homes, at least from the outside, constructed largely from natural materials such as dung, grass and leaves. Whatever the nature of the experience, the chance to sample such a different way of life is usually instructive and enriching.

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