Dune Drives

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Guided desert drives in Namibia always tend to involve dune bashing, roughly translated as navigating a veritable desert roller coaster by 4WD vehicle, often as quickly as possible while still remaining safe. This obviously requires a skilled driver and an appropriate vehicle, both of which are provided on Skeleton Coast Safaris itineraries. At various, utterly remote spots along the Skeleton Coast, you will board a vehicle while your driver / guided weaves a thrilling path through the desert.

One potential site is close to Terrace Bay, within the Skeleton Coast National Park, but the attractive flexibility of these trips means that there are various sites which could be utilised, depending on exactly where your landings take place. At some point, the driver will turn the engine off and slowly glide down the dunes, when you will hopefully hear the haunting sounds of the roaring sands as you slide down into a valley. While this can get the pulse racing, there is no genuine danger involved and the experience creates a genuine sense of adventure.

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