Desert Elephant Tracking

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Damaraland ‘s desert adapted elephant have become prominent over recent years in nature documentaries focusing on their endless struggle to find water during the driest months in this arid environment. There is a visceral thrill to locating families of desert elephant on a game drive, their very elusiveness lending elephant encounters an extra excitement compared to areas where they are abundant and sightings guaranteed.

Elephant tracking drives tend to set out early, either as morning or full day activities. The elephants cover large swathes of territory, following their trunk to where they perceive water is most likely, so viewings are possible in all areas of Damaraland and it is difficult to identify a specific place where you are most likely to see them. Having said that, southern Damaraland close to Mowani, Kipwe and Doro Nawas camps sees regular elephant activity, and Grootberg Lodge offer an excellent, lengthened excursion. Even if you don’t find the privacy loving pachyderms, your drive will take in various other animals and some outstanding scenery.

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