Ulu Muda Forest Reserve

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The Greater Ulu Muda forest complex in Kedah is the largest remaining tract of contiguous rainforest in north-western Peninsular Malaysia and the ideal escape from the tourists in other national parks. Spanning 160,000 hectares the remote and isolated forest is an important reserve for many large mammals and is thick with salt licks and old-growth rainforest. Getting here is not a simple task and visitors must travel by road before a 2 hour sampan boat, but the journey is most certainly worth it. As well as birds and reptiles galore, it offers a reasonable chance of encountering elephants and tapir, a chance of spotting the clouded leopard, and whilst they roam the rainforest in the area the resident tigers are a little harder to spot. Sightings of sun bear can also be made but are less likely.

Birdlife is especially abundant with over 306 species and all 10 Malaysian hornbills sited in the area. For Bird watchers it is recommended for the maximum hornbill sighting’s to visit during May through to September. February to September water levels are the lowest so sighting’s should be better during this time.

Explore jungle trails, rivers, limestone hills, caves, and salt licks while you enjoy boat rides and observe wildlife during your stay in this magnificent forest.

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