Hejaz railway

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The Hejaz Railway was intended to provide a link between the capital of the Ottoman Empire and Hejaz in Arabia, however, construction was halted due to the outbreak of World War I. It then played an integral part in the Great Arab Revolt and is most famously associated with Lawrence of Arabia. To commemorate the journey and history of the railway a museum was established which displays the equipment used in running the station and the trinkets this produced, such as ticket stubs. You’ll also find an old model railway which depicts the stations and the route of trains; starting from the Syrian borders to Maan station. The current state of the museum is characterful, but they are midway through construction of a larger and more substantial museum which will house far more artefacts and even an actual train. If you’re lucky, as it is a little-visited gem of Amman, you will be the only people visiting the station and might even get a personal tour, to include a look inside all the trains which they have spent years upgrading and bringing back to working order.

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