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For us, a ‘classic’ trip is one that ticks the boxes, but still leaves you enough free time to explore for yourself or relax.  In Japan, the must-see destinations are undoubtedly Tokyo and Kyoto.  These vastly different cities are similar in their ‘unmissable-ness’ though, so it would be a shame to skip them if this is your first time in Japan.  For those returning for their second, third or even their hundredth trip, these cities will still offer a lot of hidden gems – and being the easiest places to fly into internationally, will generally be worth one night regardless.

Classic experiences in Japan include zooming across the country on a bullet train, staying in a ryokan (Japanese traditional inn),  seeing Mt. Fuji appear through the clouds, wandering through a well-preserved old-town and, of course, trying the range of delicious local foods… the only issue is finding time to fit it all in!

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