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The idea that a large portion of the main island of Japan could be considered a hidden gem almost defies belief. With so many tourists now flocking to this incredible country, it seems ridiculous that an area of Japan, bigger than the whole of Sri Lanka, can be ignored.  Tohoku is a microcosm of Japan – offering rich samurai history, bustling morning markets, photogenic onsen towns, and some of the most stunning scenery you will find in the whole country.  From picturesque mountain temples, to skyscraper-filled cities, stretches of wild coastline dotted with pine-covered trees, and snow-covered mountains – everything you expect from Japan is in these 6 northern prefectures of the main islands of Honshu.  Well, everything except the crowds of tourists, that is.

So where to begin? Luckily there are a number of major airports where you can begin your adventures from,  and the famed bullet trains traverse the length of the region.  From Tokyo, you can reach Aomori on the northern point of Tohoku in as little as 3 hours, travelling in comfort on the shinkansen as mountains, historic towns, dense forests, and unspoiled landscapes zip by.  Depending on your specific interests, the time of year, and your own sense of adventure, we can recommend everything from small stop offs to lesser-visited towns, to thorough in-depth itineraries that span the corners of this massively diverse part of the country.  Fancy seeing some late-blooming cherry trees, without the crowds of Kyoto?  We have you covered.  Interested in the spectacle of some of Japan’s most iconic summer festivals?  Sign right up.

Those who are willing to put aside even 2 or 3 nights of their adventure to Japan to make a side-trip to Tohoku will be rewarded with undiscovered treasures, unforgettable memories, and (unbelievably) the friendliest people in a country that is rightfully famed for its kindness.  Just be sure to go before the rest of the world catches up!

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