Holiday Architects Win big at the Best Workplaces in Travel Awards 2024

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HA have scooped 3 WINS and one second-place award at this year’s Best Workplaces in Travel Awards! 


Monday evening was a brilliant one for Team HA. Andy and Rachel headed to London for this year’s Best Workplaces in Travel Awards – and to say they walked away chirpy would be an understatement!

We scooped not one, not two, but THREE first-place wins at the awards, and a second place as the cherry on the cake.


Award for Wellbeing: WINNERS
Award for Performance Recognition: WINNERS
Award for Equitability: WINNERS
Best Small Company: 2nd Place


“It was a huge and very pleasant shock to walk away with three awards and a second place at the BWIT Awards last night. A big thank you to BWIT, all the sponsors and the hosts for such a wonderful evening. We spend a really significant amount of time at HA thinking about our work culture and environment, a process that involves everyone contributing and engaging with what we’re trying to achieve. You hope to get things right most of the time and to know when you’ve got it wrong, but it’s only surveys like this that give us the definitive answer, and I couldn’t be more proud of the effort from everyone at HA to create such an amazing environment. I’m especially proud that our employee net promoter score was 100%: knowing everyone here would recommend working at HA to their friends and family is an amazing feeling.”

Andy Hunt, HA Founder




What are the Best Workplaces in Travel Awards? 

The #BWIT Awards were launched to celebrate the importance of attracting, engaging and retaining talent in the travel industry.

They recognise that employee advocacy has never been more business-critical. So, they launched an employee engagement survey to allow travel companies to ask their teams (confidentially) how they honestly feel about their work and what is most important to them.

The anonymous responses to that survey are what these awards are based on. And that’s why we couldn’t be prouder of these results.



Some lovely anonymous words from the survey

“I’m so proud to work for HA. The balance of trust to get on with your own role, the freedom to take ownership of it and the overwhelming sense of teamwork that’s weaved throughout it all is second to none.”


“It’s an amazing place to work – we have so much fun together as a team that I feel isn’t something you can necessarily create. A lot of thought is put into the hiring process and it shows in the team we’ve created.”


“It is an open and honest place to work, with like-minded adults all striving for the same goals.”



A few more highlights…








A big thank you to the Best Workplace in Travel Awards team and a huge pat on the back to Team HA – for proving, as ever, that teamwork and our genuine love for HA and what we do really is a little bit special!