Coronavirus covid-19 update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

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As you will undoubtedly be aware, recent weeks have seen the emergence of Covid-19, an illness caused by a new strain of the coronavirus. It would be impossible and irresponsible to ignore the frequent developments that are unfolding worldwide, and of course what that means for travel and your holidays.

We take the safety of our clients and staff very seriously and with this fast-evolving situation, we are working very hard here at Holiday Architects to ensure we’re aware of all developments. The information below explains the current situation in more detail and how we are operating in light of it.

The current situation

If you are due to travel soon or are considering booking a holiday in the near future, you will understandably have a number of questions regarding the current outbreak of Covid-19. We’re keeping up-to-date with the situation using the World Health Organization’s situation reports and dashboard; these numbers lag slightly behind media reports, but they have the advantage of being verified. In addition, we are keeping up to date with the government’s response here and their advice on travel here.

FCO advice 

We follow the FCO advice on whether it’s safe or not to travel to any given country. Currently the situation is evolving rapidly, with increasing numbers of countries where the FCO is advising against some or all travel. We’re working hard to ensure that those most immediately impacted by these changes are given the assistance they need.

The impact on our holidays

In the short-term there are a number of countries where we cannot send our clients. We firmly believe that after a period of disruption things will return to normal, and we’re very excited about helping people with the holidays they will surely need and deserve when normality returns.

What does this mean for your holiday?

If you are due to travel within the next ten weeks

We recognise that uncertainty and concerns over coronavirus may make you uncomfortable travelling over the coming weeks. For this reason, we are contacting booked clients who are due to travel in ten weeks or less to offer postponement without the usual charges outlined in our terms and conditions.

If you are travelling within ten weeks, your specialist should be in touch with you shortly if they haven’t been already. Do contact us on 01242 253 073 if we’ve not managed to speak to you yet.

If you are due to travel in more than ten weeks

Our priority is to deal with the clients most immediately impacted by the changing situation and any FCO advice, which we are doing on a ten-week rolling basis. Beyond ten weeks, for the time being, we are leaving things as they are, both to give us the time to deal with clients immediately impacted, and as the situation is changing so quickly. We want to have every opportunity of sending you away on your holiday, to dive into our fascinating destinations and build some amazing memories, once it is safe to do so. That’s the goal we’re working towards throughout this.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us or email your specialist directly. We’re here to help. Rest assured that we’re not taking this situation or your safety lightly and will be keeping a close eye on the situation as it develops.

*The information on this page will be updated as the situation changes.