Carbon Offsetting at Holiday Architects


Carbon Offsetting at Holiday Architects

As much as we love it, we’re aware that travel comes at a cost. So, as a company we are committed to doing our bit to create positive change with our trips. That’s why we’ve partnered with carbon measurement and reduction specialists, Path Net Zero, to offset the emissions created by our holidays. Path Net Zero have created a data-backed carbon calculator that allows us to measure the carbon emitted by the trips we design around the world. After a long testing period we’ve calculated the offset cost to be around 1% of a Holiday Architects trip value. As we are 100% tailormade and create every clients’ trip from scratch, it’s impossible to be totally accurate on this, but we’re doing our best!

We’ve now launched optional carbon offsetting across our entire portfolio of destinations. The take-up from our brilliant clients has been fantastic – with the majority of them now making a real difference when they travel. 


How it works

We purchase carbon credits through Path Net Zero and add an optional offset charge to the cost of our trips (these can be removed if you wish, just let your specialist know). 100% of these costs are allocated to our carbon credit, going directly to our current carbon offsetting project partner. These projects are always Gold Standard-approved, all fall in-line with the UN Sustainability Goals and are all doing fantastic work to remove carbon from the atmosphere.


Our current project

Our current chosen project is based in Uganda, where wood harvest for domestic cooking and boiling water is one of the major causes of deforestation. It takes a lot of time for people – mostly women and children – to collect the wood, and not only are these emissions bad for the environment, they’re destroying trees and are detrimental to human health. In short, this Ugandan project reduces greenhouse gas emissions through the promotion of clean water technologies and improved cookstoves and these technologies replace inefficient wood-burning and reduce harmful emissions as soon as they are implemented. You can read more about the project here.



We hope you’ll be as excited as we are about this opportunity to make a difference when you travel. If you have any questions at all though, please don’t hesitate to chat to your specialist.

If you’re yet to book a holiday with us and want to find out more about carbon offsetting at Holiday Architects, do give us a call on 01242 253 073 or email Emma, our wonderful Sustainability Lead at [email protected].