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The wildlife is of course the main attraction when visiting Danum and so encounters are common during most visits. The ancient rainforests are teeming with life from the creepy crawlies on the ground to the famous Orangutans high in the canopy. Possible wildlife sightings during your time in Danum Valley can also include; tarsiers, sambar deer, bearded pigs, flying squirrels, king cobra, proboscis monkeys, red leaf monkeys, gibbons and pygmy elephants. Clouded leopards can also be spotted, as well as the flat headed cat, marbled cat, leopard cat and bay cat. Twitchers are also in for a treat as new species of birds are still being discovered within this complex ecosystem and common sightings include the great Argus pheasant, blue headed pitta, Bornean bristlehead and several species of hornbill.

The best way to explore Danum Valley is on foot and with 50km of marked trails, there is plenty to discover. Our expert nature guides will lead treks in small groups of around 6-8 but private guides can be requested in advance for a supplement. The coffin cliff trail is one of the most popular and our favourite trek – taking you from the Rainforest Lodge, over suspension bridges and slowly climbing through the jungle to reach a panoramic view point with breath-taking views across the valley. The well-trodden trail returns back to the lodge via Fairy Falls or Serpent Falls for a quick dip, as well as a stop off at ‘The Coffin’ where ancient remains of Kadazan Dusun coffins can be seen.

Other popular trails include the Danum Trail, Elephant Trail and Segama Trails which are fairly flat and great for wildlife spotting. For the more adventurous there are longer trails and also chances to go off the marked paths with your guide in search of snakes and rarer wildlife hiding in the thick undergrowth.

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