Batang Ai

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Sitting on the border with Kalimantan, Batang Ai is the site of the oldest Iban settlements in Sarawak. Best known for their reputation as headhunters (which has now died out), the Iban are Sarawak’s largest ethnic group. A hydro-electric scheme completed in 1980 dammed the Batang Ai river and created a 24 sq km lake fed by four tributaries of the Ai River. Many of the communities in Batang Ai were resulted but a few longhouses remained and these are now accessible by traditional longboat for a unique cultural interaction.

As well as being home to some of Borneo’s most oldest residents, Batang Ai National Park is also home to the original inhabitants; Sarawak’s Orangutans. With the highest orangutan population in central Borneo the park is a primate hot spot. Trek the mountainous landscapes of the park, stay in basic jungle camps and Iban villages and follow the tracks of Borneo’s endangered monkeys.

An ideal destination for a true Borneo adventure or a cultural immersion. Explore the clear rivers, refreshing waterfalls, verdant rainforest, diverse wildlife and vibrant culture of the Iban just 4 hours from the city of Kuching.

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