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Argentina is a country of classics – think gauchos, waterfalls, Patagonian steppe, glaciers and tango. It’s a vast country but its highlights are the perfect way to experience a bit of everything that Argentina has to offer. You should of course head to Iguazu Falls which lives up to the hype and is as spectacular in real life as the images suggest. As it borders Brazil and Argentina and can be accessed easily via Sao Paulo, why not start here for a tropical wonderland to begin your adventure. No classic journey to Argentina should be without a stay in the beautiful capital city of Buenos Aires, nicknamed the ‘Paris of South America’ and a chic, sophisticated, easy place to explore. It’s a great way to ease yourself into Argentine culture. Its also the best place to see or even try learning the incredible Argentine tango. Watch people dancing it in the streets or at local tango clubs called milongas or head to a professional show. The other true classic of an Argentine journey really should include Patagonia, a vast region of glittering lakes, vast blue glaciers, some dramatic Andean peaks and remote windswept rolling plains, perfect for a bit of outdoor adventure from riding to hiking or 4wd adventures. Its a great combination for a reason!

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