About India

India stretches from the snowy summits of the Himalayas to the tropical backwaters of Kerala in the south. It’s more like a continent than a country, with the second largest population in the world spread through its 29 extraordinary states. Nowhere on earth quite compares with its devout religions, its varying and incomparable landscapes, the exquisite palaces, formidable forts and rolling tea plantations. It’s a country of contradictions, where flawless national parks sit juxtaposed next to colourful and congested towns. There are pink cities, blue cities and even rose tinted cities, with palaces floating on lakes and monasteries crowning lofty mountains. India is the only place where the world’s religions and great faiths rub shoulders so peacefully; you’ll regularly find Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist temples sitting side by side along dusty streets. Echoes of the Raj sprinkle the country; you can’t go far without finding colonial mansions, tea merchants’ bungalows and extravagant railway stations. Most don’t have a desperate need to visit India, but once you’ve been you’ll know why people become hooked. Often described as life affirming, India is an extraordinary country that most certainly gets under the skin, and there’s no better time to visit.

Some of our suggested India itineraries

All our holidays are tailor-made, starting from scratch to build you something that perfectly fits your requirements. These suggested itineraries are just meant to help with the planning process and give you some idea of what is possible, and the sort of prices to expect.

Taj & Tigers, 10 days from £1,534pp including international flights.

Classic Kerala, 14 days from £1,600pp including international flights.

Foothills Explored, 15 days from £1,876pp including international flights.

Please do visit our website for all our great ideas, suggestions, information and pictures of India:

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