Highway in Canadian Mountains

About Canada

Canada is a vast country, offering an extraordinarily wide range of scenery and experiences – everything from beautiful beaches to snow-capped mountains, wild outdoor adventures to gentle lake cruises. Boasting some iconic wildlife it is also known for the friendly locals and laid-back approach to life.

Western Canada is all about being outdoors, soaking up the dramatic scenery, looking for bears, whales, eagles and a whole host of wildlife, and enjoying the café culture of the cosmopolitan cities. Whilst Eastern Canada has some equally captivating landscapes it also has an interesting history of warring settlers (mainly the French and British) and a colourful fusion of Celtic, Acadian (French) and English heritage seeps from its pores – evident in the buildings, historic sites and lively folk music that reverberates around the rolling hills and valleys.

Whatever you are seeking from your visit to Canada you are sure to be bowled over and it’s the kind of country that quickly captures your heart and soul, so be prepared – one visit is never enough!

Some of our Suggested Canada Itineraries

All our holidays are tailor-made, starting from scratch to build you something that perfectly fits your requirements. These suggested itineraries are just meant to help with the planning process and give you some idea of what is possible, and the sort of prices to expect.

Ontario Explorer, 11 days from £1,785pp including flights

West Coast Wildlife Explorer, 12 days from £3,200pp including flights

Mountains, Wine and Wildlife, 14 days from £2,330pp including flights

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